Before you come in, please read through the notice below on what I do to maximize your safety and what I ask of you. Thank you for doing your part to keep us all healthy! And please reach out if you have any questions.

Mask Policy

While vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in many settings as of May 29th, this does not apply to health care facilities. Although my office is not technically considered a health care setting in this context, at this point I am choosing to align with health care regulations — due to the extended close contact nature of our work, to see whether lifting the mask mandate affects case numbers, and to give all of our nervous systems a little time to catch up with the changes.

Plan to wear a mask while you are in my office, even if you are fully vaccinated; I will do the same. I can provide you with a surgical mask if you need one.

I’ll re-evaluate in the coming weeks based on case numbers and as state and local regulations continue to evolve. Stay tuned here; in advance of any changes, I’ll also send a message to those who have appointments scheduled.

Additional Safety Protocols

  • I am fully vaccinated
  • I have a HEPA air purifier that runs 24/7 in my office
  • There is a large window in my office that stays open when the weather permits
  • As always, I sanitize the table, pillows, bolsters, and other surfaces between each client

Cancellation Policy

As always, there will be no late cancellation fee for appointments cancelled due to illness (even suspected illness) or emergency. Reschedule your appointment if:

  • You are feeling at all under the weather;
  • Anyone in your household is experiencing a fever, dry cough, loss of taste or smell, or any other symptoms that could be attributed to COVID; or
  • You or anyone in your household has reason to believe they have been exposed to COVID within the last 14 days.

As of this writing, the Massachusetts Travel Advisory no longer requires fully vaccinated people to quarantine upon returning home. Please use your best judgment if you are returning from a destination experiencing a spike in cases.