“I’m now free of pain in addition to being more flexible”

KT, Structural Integration Client“I discovered Structural Integration after reading an article in an equestrian magazine about how the work can improve rider balance and suppleness. I wanted to improve my riding, but more importantly, to resolve severe hip pain that had plagued me for years. Neither physicians, nor chiropractic nor physical therapy had worked. I have met both of my goals working with Ali. I’m now free of pain in addition to being more flexible. Structural Integration changed my life! I highly recommend this work, and Ali as a practitioner.” – Karen T., dressage rider

“Ali’s work has extended the life of my practice”

GH, Structural Integration Client“Being a massage therapist, I have experienced all types of bodywork, and have a decent understanding of the body. Receiving work from Ali has taken my understanding and my own approach to a whole new level. The training she has received in Structural Integration is extensive, and Ali knows how to apply it. Her postural assessment is thorough, and her understanding of functional anatomy has helped me with postural/habitual issues I didn’t even know I had. Ali’s work has extended the life of my practice and my overall health. I have recommended her before, and won’t hesitate to do so again.” – Greg H., Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist

“This was the first year I had no back pain the entire winter”

“Every November or December, as the weather got colder, I used to get significant pain in my lower back that lasted through the winter. I went to doctors and chiropractors, I did yoga, I swam…nothing helped for very long.

Last spring and summer, I did a series with Ali, and this was the first year I had no back pain the entire winter.

Ali helped me identify and correct the bad habits that were causing my pain, and her hands-on work made all the difference. I wish I had met Ali years ago and I highly recommend her service to anyone suffering from any body pain.” – Jurek G., jazz drummer

“If you want to be comfortable in your body for years to come, I highly recommend working with Ali”

CH, Structural Integration Client“As a yoga instructor, I was confident that I knew all about alignment, but I still had some areas of chronic soreness. Ali noticed that my posture was indeed aligned, but held together with too much tension. Over a few comprehensive sessions, she helped me relax into an easier, more balanced way of moving. My whole body is grateful for her intelligent, effective approach to Structural Integration. If you want to be comfortable in your body for years to come, I highly recommend working with Ali.” – Cory H., yoga instructor and life coach

“[I now] notice when old issues are resurfacing so I can correct them quickly”

“I came to Structural Integration seeking relief from chronic running injuries; what I got was so much more. Ali helped correct various postural issues that were contributing to my injuries, which relieved my pain. In addition, she provided me with a platform to continue working on Structural Integration long after our sessions were over. The increased body awareness and anatomical knowledge that came from our sessions is especially useful: It allows me to notice when old issues are resurfacing so I can correct them quickly. Overall, I feel better physically than I have in years.” – Jennifer S., psychotherapist and runner

“I would recommend Ali to anyone who needs a jump start to a new life”

“When I leave my sessions I have less pain, more mobility, and take away words of wisdom, which I carry with me until my next session. Ali’s kind heart and knowledge is infectious. Each time I leave her office I am challenged not only physically, but I have a better sense of self. The key is that you need to be willing to change, do the exercises, and self reflect. I would recommend Ali to anyone who needs a jump start to a new life, or anyone that has a nagging or debilitating muscular problem. Self-care and self-worth are so important and you are worth it!” -Heather P.

“We’re peeling away the layers of abuse I’ve put upon my body”

“I was immediately impressed within and after my first session with Ali Mischke. I came in with some acute pain as well as some chronic issues. Within that first session, the acute pain was gone. Just gone.

Since that first session, we’ve been peeling away the layers of abuse I’ve put upon my body throughout my adulthood. Ali’s work feels much more permanent than other work I’ve had. My posture is better, I can move more easily, and I’m more aware of my body. Ali helped me see how even a micromovement in my feet can affect how my neck and head feel. And, her energy exudes calm and serenity.

The other night I woke up in the middle of night and realized I was completely pain free. When I moved my head, there was no cracking. I thought, oh my God! I hadn’t felt that in a very long time.

I am a physical therapist, and I am also pretty amazed by Ali’s ability to identify specific tissues in the body through her hands — nerves, ligaments, muscles, tendons, bone, fascia. I appreciate the skill of palpation, and the finesse with which she identifies the various structures and treats accordingly.

Ali looks at my alignment, watches me move before, during and after the session, and tries to get to the root of the problem. She teaches self-care exercises that are both unique and astute. I like being an active participant in my treatment.” – Chris C., physical therapist

“She…[got] to the sources of my pain”

“I tried to get up from my chair after hours of computer work. I couldn’t. My right side was in pain, from the lower back to the leg. I walked like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I had just started yoga with Ali (after many years doing everything in the gym, including kickboxing and boxing). This was my first “discovery.” Yoga was truly challenging and Ali a wonderful instructor.

So, I went to see her for Structural Integration at her Cambridge office, and that was (and is) my major “discovery.” Ali assessed my body to get to the sources of my pain; she intimately knows, and understands, the human body. During my sessions I began to learn while she worked as a sculptor on my muscles, nerves, and bones. The pain disappeared in a few days. I feel better and better. Ali is nothing less than a miracle worker with iron fingers in velvet gloves.” – Eduardo L., architect

“She listens carefully and can help you get to the root cause of your pain.”

“I feel grateful to have found Ali. I was hoping to reduce my back pain and improve my yoga and dressage performance. Instead, we got to the root cause of my pain. If you are ready to have your body feel good and in alignment then Ali is the answer for you. I was introduced to Ali because of my dog Toby who was in physical therapy. It was recommended that we take Toby to her and when I read her profile I thought I could benefit from seeing her too.  She has worked on Toby, my husband and kids – we are all happy, better integrated customers.

Before seeing Ali, I had spent many years trying to realign my body through yoga. Years of back pain and a week of total immobility due to back pain led me to yoga in 2010. Yoga definitely restored my flexibility, improved my alignment and gave me some pain relief. Ali’s keen eye, however, quickly noticed areas of my body that were not aligned. She also reviewed a video of me riding my horse to better understand how I could improve my alignment with my horse. Initially we worked on the issues that were immediately apparent.  Eventually, I went through the 12-session regime and I am glad I did. That process allows Ali to systematically realign your entire body.

Working with Ali has transformed my body. My pain is so much less.  I no longer worry that I am going to have a sudden onset of debilitating pain. Ali is a lovely, non-judgmental spirit who will help your body be restored to a place of balanced alignment. She is truly gifted. She listens carefully and can help you get to the root cause of your pain. For me, it turned out my pubic bones were not aligned. After she aligned them, I immediately felt better. It is a moment I will never forget. My yoga practice became more even – the right leg could finally do what the left leg was doing. Life in my body truly became easier.  She also helped me “awaken” the right side of my body, which was not used to working, by working on an old scar I have from an appendectomy and giving me exercises I could do at home. After these discoveries, there was still more work to be done to undo conditions that had been with me for decades, but the root cause was at last identified.

If you have tried everything – physical therapy, chiropractors, and others – and haven’t found permanent relief, don’t despair – call Ali.  My experience could not have been more positive.  My only regret is that I did not find her sooner.” – Shaela C., dressage rider

“Ali was patient and listened to all my complaints”

“I am a pretty active person and after suffering from chronic knee pain for an extended period, and trying various approaches to relieve the pain (stretching, physical therapy, meds, swimming, etc), I finally went to Ali for help. It was the best decision I had ever made! Ali was patient and listened to all my complaints and random pain descriptions.

Ali is also very knowledgeable and through her Structural Integration expertise she has a deep understanding of how the human body functions and how our different body “pieces” come together to work in harmony. Thus she was able to zoom in on the problem much faster than any service provider I had visited before! Just because you are having knee pain does not mean your knee is the problem.

In addition to working on the sources of pain, Ali gave me valuable advice and exercises to help with my general body posture. After several visits, I was able to enjoy that summer knee-pain free. I would recommend Ali in a heart beat!” -Ghinwa C., data scientist and triathlete

“My 57-year-old self feels younger and more agile than my 55-year-old self”

“I originally started seeing Ali a couple years ago to deal with a bout of chronic lower back pain. Now, two years later, I have not had a bout of chronic pain for over a year. However, I still see Ali regularly because I have found that Ali’s work, Structural Integration, has helped me reclaim use of certain body parts like my shoulder girdle, my upper back, my diaphragm and/or has helped me stop overuse of other parts like my lower back. I can function better even though I am aging. I know for a fact this is true because I practice Ashtanga yoga, a form of practice that is always consistent and I am therefore able to compare myself to my previous self. My 57-year-old self feels much younger and more agile than my 55-year-old self.” -Athena E., yogi

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