Meet Ali


I’m Ali Mischke, a Board Certified Structural Integrator and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

I hold a BA from Brown University, where I studied linguistic anthropology and completed the first four years of the Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME). A year off before medical school turned into 12 years as a user experience designer in the world of tech startups. Although I decided not to pursue medicine, I maintained a strong desire to study the mind-body and facilitate health.

In 2009, I completed a 500-hour yoga teacher training with David Vendetti of South Boston Yoga. David introduced me to Structural Integration, which helped liberate me from long-standing depression and physical discomfort. I  realized I had found my life’s purpose.

I studied Structural Integration with Tom Myers, director and creator of Anatomy Trains. I completed my basic training in 2011, and my advanced training, also with Tom, in 2013.

Soon afterward, I began to realize that work with fascia and muscle tissue is not enough. To realize full ease and balance, we must address restrictions in and around the nerves, arteries, and organs. I studied with and continue to be influenced by the work of Rolfer Jeffrey Burch (osteopathic assessment and treatment), Canadian-trained Osteopath and Rolfer Ron Murray (osteopathic manual manipulation), Rolfer Jon Martine (neural mobilization), the Barral Institute (visceral mobilization), and the Upledger Institute (CranioSacral Therapy).

I practice in North Cambridge, Massachusetts. My pronouns are she/her.

My life centers around continuous learning, compassion for animals (human and otherwise), and a deeply ingrained sense of wonder and play. When I am not working, I lead an active lifestyle including running, yoga, and hiking.


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